Linino team is pleased to announce that during the event FOSDEM 2015 will present 'MCUIO', it is a protocol that allows communication between MCU and MPU to support the needs of IoT.

MCUIO/LININOIO - Virtualizing MCU peripherals

The MCUIO/LININOIO subsystem allows a Microprocessor Unit (MPU), connected to a Microcontroller Unit (MCU), to see the MCU's peripherals as standard Linux peripherals (i.e. gpios, i2c adapters, pwms, ...). The basic communication protocol is completely generic, it just defines ways to read and write a (virtualized) memory space on the MCU. Standard vendor independent memory maps are then defined for each kind of MCU peripheral, so that MCU specific implementation details can be ignored by the MPU. Interrupt events can be spontaneously sent by the MCU to the MPU as write requests. The protocol is transport independent, only a bidirectional channel is required (for instance rs232 or even a network connection).

Some LininoIO example

With a simple bash or Node.JS command will be able to turn on and turn off a led. Try it pushing the button.


var board = new require('ideino-linino-lib').Board();
var led = 1;
board.connect( function(){
    board.pinMode("D13", "OUTPUT");
        board.digitalWrite("D13", led);
        led = !led;


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      *This version doesn't works fine.* After installation of the new release using the command: "*sysupgrade -v -n"* I have tried to use the command: "*run-avrdude /etc/linino/bathos-yun.hex"* to load the bathos sketch but I have received the follow error: avrdude: verifying ... avrdude: verifica