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Just in case – you need a case for your Arduino Yun

    Hello Linino fans!  dog hunter also produces the Arduino Yun which works wirelessly and can help in a variety of projects you may have.  It has different ports for different cables than the Uno and well, it can do a lot more than an Uno! Our friends at Sparkfun have just created an even easier

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    Tutoring Daniel

      Well I am fortunate enough to know Daniel.  He’s a 10 year old boy, born in the U.S. with a strong connection to his Chinese heritage.  He’s a piano player, straight A student, and knows Chinese, English, and some Spanish...

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      Happy Monday, working with Linino boards

        Hello Linino fans, I know it’s Monday and that can bring stress and annoying errands…and I believe taxes are due tomorrow! So, what better way to relieve stress than to experiment with electricity and computer programming. I pulled out my ONE board and placed it on the breadboard and got started wiring up some of

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