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IoTexpo2014 Day 1 – Alec Saunders

    Session #6 Alex Saunders @asaunders     @QNX_News QNX   *Automobiles are only 20% of their business *QNX is also involved in technologies for robotics, vacuums, toll bridges, nuclear power plants, really any power consumption, General Electric turbines, high speed trains, slot machines, space shuttles and acoustics. *QNX and IoT is all about real time operating systems

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    IoTexpo2014 Day 1 – Joe Speeds

      Session #5 – Joe Speeds @JoeSpeeds The Linux Foundation  @linuxfoundation     @AllSeenAlliance    @AllJoyn I was thrilled to have the opportunity to see Joe Speeds and hear about all he has to share from his experience in this industry.  Of course I’ve included more pictures because I’m now a big fan!! *IoT will be the ability

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      IoTexpo2014 Day 1 – Panel

        Session # 4 – Panel! Tom Lounibos @Lounibos Jnan Dash @JnanDash Sylvie Barak @sylviebarak Frank Greco @frankgreco also Chelsea Montgomery @ChelsSF Jeremy Geelan @jg21   I always love a good panel discussion, keeps it moving, you get to hear from a variation of perspectives on the industry, and we have our first female speaker, Sylvie Barak!  Also

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        IoTexpo2014 Day 1 – Omri Lachman

          Session #3 Omri Lachman  @omrilachman   @Humavox Co-Founder and CEO of Humavox Omri Lachman is from Israel and his company Humavox is working on an essential IoT technology – wireless power charging.  His talk was very informative and brought to light this huge challenge in the industry that his company is trying to solve.  So

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          IoTexpo2014 Day 1 – Kevin Hoyt

            Session #2  Kevin Hoyt  @krhoyt  @Kaazing Principal Evangelist for Kaazing   Kevin began by citing “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith, published initially on March 9, 1776.  Among other parts of the dissertation which lead to the basic foundation of modern economics, Adam Smith establishes that because of competition in a free market, eventually

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            IoTexpo2014 Day 1 – Tony Shakib

              1. Keynote Speaker – Tony Shakib  @tshak9        @CiscoPress Vice President, Americas SP Architectures at Cisco Systems   Tony did a great job starting off the conference morning.  I was thrilled to see Tony speak about the Internet of Things from Cisco’s point of view.  I know Cisco as the presenting sponsor of The Tech Challenge,

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              Internet of Everything – Real Time Data, Analysis, Connectivity, Security

                Internet of Things!  Internet of Everything!  It’s all about Connectivity and using data for good Kevin Ashton proposed this phrase in 1999, so he’s the one to blame!  But ultimately this concept has been discussed since at least 1991 if not earlier. The concept is that eventually we will have a world where everything

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                Internet of Things Expo in San Francisco May 5-6 2014

                  Good morning Linino fans! Yes, it is Cinco de Mayo, so celebrate responsibly, and I am celebrating in my own way at the Internet of Things Expo in San Francisco held at the lovely Fisherman’s Wharf Marriott.  I haven’t been to this part of San Francisco since I was a tour guide…yes, LininoWoman was once

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                  ECEDHA conference and expo full photo album

                    ECEDHA – Electrical and Computing Engineers Department Heads Association held a conference in Napa, CA March 23-24 2014. Attending this conference was a great opportunity for us to talk to the Department Heads from all over the country.  We heard a lot of great feedback.   We now know that seniors and masters students in

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