New LininoOS release ver 1.2 available

A new release of LininoOS is available on the linino download site.

Starting form this release it is possible to start and stop the LininoIO functionality. For more details have a look at the wiki page.

Compared to the release 1.1 this release contains:

LininoIO (Maintaining)

  • gcc 4.6.3 is now available !
  • node.js: libcrypto patch for node.js. New node.js modules : node-muzzley-client and node-ideino-linino-lib
  • DISPLAY_SUPPORT is now enabled
  • new software : wget v1.16.1, ntp v4.2.8, ca-certificates 20141019, duktape v1.2.0, cpu-mcu-bridge v1.5.2, directfb, imagemagick,fbtest, oled-utils, openobex, obexftp, obexfs
  • Linino: added some Linino script files


LininoIO (Kernel side)

  • fix issue on MAC address for LAN and WAN interfaces
  • new patches for the kernel and corresponding firmware to fix PWM issues
  • Use serial terminal at 250k baud with avr boot loader to use the Arduino IDE
  • Linux CONFIG_SPI_TTY_PLAIN=m: compile spi-tty-plain driver as a module. This is needed in order to permit run-avrdude rmmod spi-tty-plain driver.
  • run-avrdude: fix rmmod with the right module name


Web Panel

  • critical fix to Linino web panel