Linino Woman teaches at Workshop Weekend, Oakland CA

    Hello Makers! My name is Tenaya, Linino Woman, and I recently made an appearance at Workshop Weekend in Oakland. Workshop Weekend is a group of makers, programmers, and electrical engineers who offer workshops in microcontrollers, inputs and outputs. I’m thrilled..

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    She’s Geeky – are you?

      Linino Woman addressing you now!  Have you heard of a conference called She’s Geeky?  If you are a woman…and well, on the geek-dork-spaz spectrum, you’ve got to find this fabulous UN-conference in a city near you. The conference started the year off right on the weekend of January 24-26 2014 and was held at the

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      They call me Linino Woman

        So, in one short year, since I found out what an Arduino was, people are calling me Linino Woman!  Linino is all about bringing Linux into the microcontroller family and also going wireless!..

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        Ideino Linino Dev Env

          Ideino Login Page. Ideino Workspace, list of all Ideino projects. Project Files. Runnable file. How to run the file. Running file...

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