Teaching Hardware to Teens – Oakland, CA

    Working with high school kids in Oakland this week, really revived my passion for Arduino and making. To see a bunch of level headed kids dedicate 3 whole days to struggling and coding and soldering and circuits, it was really..

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    AT&T and hackathon #HardwareWeekend 1 of 10 Seattle

      *More Photos from Seattle *More DeLorean pictures with Tenaya! *Join us for Portland and 8 more U.S. locations It was a blustery weekend in February, Seattle would soon be the destination of many weekend warriors of a..

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      #Arduweenie and #Linweenie have entered a new era

        Even in the maker world, successes are celebrated sometimes more often than the failures.  The wins are documented more than the short-comings.  It is because of this that I would like to discuss publically my epic continual failures with my..

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        New LininoOS release ver 1.2 available

          A new release of LininoOS is available on the linino download site. Starting form this release it is possible to start and stop the LininoIO functionality. For more details have a look at the wiki page. Compared to the release 1.1 this release contains: LininoIO (Maintaining) gcc 4.6.3 is now available ! node.js: libcrypto patch

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          Make makes the move to the Bay Area

            What a special occasion. Make is moving to the bay area. It came at the perfect timing to find such a flexible and unique space at the Palace of Fine Arts. The hangar was built 100 years ago and was..

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            Linino ONE Impresses the Tweens

              The new year has to start off right for the Maker Club of Black Pine school in Berkeley. That’s why I had to pay them a visit a sunny January day on their reserved day after school to make! Their..

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              Use Linino with Muzzley

                After the meeting with the guys from Muzzley at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas, we decided to create a demo to make Linino interact with Muzzley. In this guide we are going to interface Linino with the Muzzley Android App...

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                Linino @ #CES2015 in Las Vegas: Day 3

                  Good morning and thank you for visiting our booth at CES2015 in Las Vegas! We’ll be there also on Jan 9 if you haven’t made it yet! We had plenty of visitors coming and getting more informed on the potentiality..

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