Device Motion and Linino Alert

    In this practical example, let’s see how to make javascript libraries dedicated to a sensor devices (laptops, mobile phones, tablets) interact with Linino ONE. Specifically, we will create the interaction between the device’s accelerometer sensor, available in almost all of..

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    Linino at MakerFaire Tokyo

      Next Maker Faire  Edition is approaching: when? On the 23th and 24th of November. Where? In the charming Japan! Obviously Linino  can not miss this amazing opportunity to meet the Nipponese Makers and will be present as Gold Sponsor. So..

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      dog hunter at AllSeen Alliance Summit

        dog hunter will take part in the AllSeen Alliance Summit – Santa Clara CA, Nov. 10-12 – as a new member of this cross-industry collaboration, dedicated to advancing the Internet of Everything through an open source software project, collaborating with..

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        Linino Web Thermostat

          We build an automatic system to maintain constant the temperature of the house. We will use a temperature sensor that constantly inform us of changes in temperature. To activate the system, we use a web interface, also made ​​compatible with..

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          Your Baby is under control with Linino

            We imagined a system for controlling the sleep of an infant, through the use of a number of sensors that we will now describe. A flex sensor place in the cradle, monitors the movements and an sound sensor measures the..

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            Playing with Light Sensors

              We like the music and this is why we propose another musical project. The idea is pretty simple, using a light sensor and take advantage of their status change to execute commands from the terminal, or be performed by an..

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              Ask Wolfram and Answers Linino!

                Ask for something and get back answers. This is what we want from our Linino One in this example. Depending on the voice request, we will get a proper response, made available by Wolfram Alpha site. Everything we need: Linino..

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