Linino ONE Web Radio – by Mik

    Wake Up Linino ONE makers! Our very own developer, Mik, has a new special project using Linino ONE, Ideino, and Node.js The Web Radio with Linino ONE The easy explanation: Mik is using a circuit board emanating a wireless signal..

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    Irrigate according to weather conditions

      We automate our system to water the garden, taking into consideration the weather in our city. We are going to get the data from the Internet, you need to know the chance of precipitation. We will ensure that at a..

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      Use Linino with voice commands from Android

        By using an app for Android built specifically for the experiment, we will give some simple vocal commands to our device. Through the voice request, we will obtain the implementation of a command on the board, as for example, turn..

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        Maker Faire NY – Linino Woman

          Thank you for checking out our blog here at, also visit my facebook page for more photos! Part science fair, part county fair, part something entirely new.  This is how Maker Faire describes itself. New York Maker Faire..

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          Make Music playing Linino

            In this project we will show how to use our board Linino One to create melodies using a web interface and a buzzer. The idea is to have a musical keyboard on a web page so from here you can..

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