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Hacking is so San Francisco

    San Francisco Hackathon – + Pacific Coast Highway + many more sponsors 🙂 Lots more good pictures of the hackers! PCH was the gracious host of our weekend event. Third on the hackathon tour, San Francisco promised to..

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    Chamaleon Lamp

      After the amazing case of #TheDress that everybody sees in a different color, one of the engineers here decided to create a device that can easily find out the colour of an object, so that nobody can dispute the result, as..

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      Linino ONE Web Radio – by Mik

        Wake Up Linino ONE makers! Our very own developer, Mik, has a new special project using Linino ONE, Ideino, and Node.js The Web Radio with Linino ONE The easy explanation: Mik is using a circuit board emanating a wireless signal..

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        IoTexpo2014 Day 1 – Joe Speeds

          Session #5 – Joe Speeds @JoeSpeeds The Linux Foundation  @linuxfoundation     @AllSeenAlliance    @AllJoyn I was thrilled to have the opportunity to see Joe Speeds and hear about all he has to share from his experience in this industry.  Of course I’ve included more pictures because I’m now a big fan!! *IoT will be the ability

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