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Chamaleon Lamp

    After the amazing case of #TheDress that everybody sees in a different color, one of the engineers here decided to create a device that can easily find out the colour of an object, so that nobody can dispute the result, as..

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    AT&T Hackathon @Palms in Las Vegas!

      The AT&T hackathon at the Palms Casino and Resort is a life changing experience. The most talented, intelligent, and interesting hackers attend this annual event in Las Vegas, preceding the massive International Consumer Electronics Show. When hackers get together, one..

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      Linino ONE and Arduino YUN in fritzing release 0.9!

        Hi Folks! Photo credits: We are pleased to announce that our WiFi boards are now available in fritzing, the open source hardware initiative that provides a software tool and a community website to document a creator’s prototypes, make them available..

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        ECEDHA conference and expo full photo album

          ECEDHA – Electrical and Computing Engineers Department Heads Association held a conference in Napa, CA March 23-24 2014. Attending this conference was a great opportunity for us to talk to the Department Heads from all over the country.  We heard a lot of great feedback.   We now know that seniors and masters students in

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          LininoWoman featured in Embedded Systems FM Podcast!

            Hello everyone, @LininoWoman here!  What were you doing last Saturday night?  I was at an electricity FLOW event at the Tech Museum, then I zipped to Oakland to teach Arduino at Workshop Weekend, and then I recorded a podcast for Embedded FM @embeddedfm with Elecia White in Campbell, CA. BEST DAY EVER! Elecia interviewed me

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