Chamaleon Lamp

After the amazing case of #TheDress that everybody sees in a different color, one of the engineers here decided to create a device that can easily find out the colour of an object, so that nobody can dispute the result, as it is scientifically proven!

Chamaleon Lamp 1

To make the project more interesting, he considered making it communicate with a Lifx bulb. This kind of bulb can change color using its dedicated smartphone app or, as he did, using a Node.js application.

Lifix lamps for Chamaleon Lamp


To build the project he used:an Arduino Yun board


  • a RGB LED
  • a photoresist
  • two resistors
  • obviously a Lifx lamp


LEDS for Chamaleon lamp



The software was created using Node.js with the Linino OS, available on all of the Arduino Yun boards.

How does it work?

Chamaleon lamp 2
The photoresist works similarly to our eyes as far as the answer to light is concerned: if the same object is illuminated by three different colors (red, green and blue), the photoresists receives three different answers in terms of wavelengths. The three answers will be calculated by the program and the result will be the color of the object.
Once acquired the value of the color, this will be sent to the lamp and the lamp will light on using the same color.


If you wish to see in detail how he dealt with the software and hardware parts of the lamp, step by step, then please visit his project on Instructables!