Engineering is an important skill to have! It can all start with Linino!

Happy Wednesday everyone, I wanted to write today to talk about Engineering as a skill.  Learn how to solve problems and stay focused, try many options before you give up…oh, and yeah, don’t give up!  Stay positive, try every option possible.  Usually it is something small that we’ve overlooked, so it’s great to have teamwork too 🙂

I’m hosting the Tech Challenge at the Tech Museum of Innovation where 500+ teams will be competing in a large scale engineering challenge…I’ll let you all know if anyone has used a microcontroller in their project…but this year the challenge is to harness wind power and make that power MOVE WATER.  Very hard mechanical engineering challenge.

I’m advocating for the following years’ theme to involve Linino.  We could give every team a Linino microcontroller and the kids from 5th grade to 12th grade could use computer programming and mechanical engineering to solve a real world problem that affects a lot of people.  It could be a home automation solution as well.