Happy Monday, working with Linino boards

Hello Linino fans, I know it’s Monday and that can bring stress and annoying errands…and I believe taxes are due tomorrow! So, what better way to relieve stress than to experiment with electricity and computer programming. I pulled out my ONE board and placed it on the breadboard and got started wiring up some of my favorite projects. Even the configurations I know how to do, it’s great to gain confidence and not need to look at my notes. Once you just “know” where the wires need to be connected, it is a breeze.

Of course, my joy also comes from teaching first timers. Working with any microcontroller is a very foreign scary activity to those who have never tried. Just jump in and realize that you will have fears and failures and successes and triumphs! You will see for yourself how your learning curves go. There is the electrical engineering, connecting wires and components, and ultimately knowing which resistor to select. Then there is the whole computer programming language. This can be difficult for sure, so learn from existing codes and learn by changing small things and uploading. See what happens. 🙂

When you’re ready, Linino boards can all work as their own WiFi device. So once you master a project or idea for something you want to create, the next challenge is always to go WIRELESS!!!