Install Node.Js on DogHunter One with a simple script


The script is designed to work with SDcard of 2,4,8,16,32,64 GB denomination only. Be sure to insert your SDCard into your system and to verify that it is properly mounted on the system itself.


Hi folks, this is a simple guide to guide you through the installation of the Node.Js platform on your system without any hassle. We have designed and made a simple shell script to set up your working enviroment in just five minutes or less.

First of all download and untar in the root of your linino board the script with :

MD5SUM : 0d46930388e35034e85fdb58b5d51b72 nodeyun_inst_r11.tar.gz

$ wget -O nodeyun_inst_r11.tar.gz
$ tar zxvf nodeyun_inst_r11.tar.gz

then launch the script with :

$ sh

please note that you must have fdisk installed on your system to properly launch the script. If you don’t have it don’t worry, because the script will take care of this issue for you….


If you ever get this screen when launching the script, just press Enter when asked for and fdisk will be automatically installed on your system….

02 03

Once the process is finished, re-launch the installation script and you’ll get this screen :


This is the main menu of the script where you have multiple choices :

  1. Erase all your data on the external SDCard and install node.js
  2. Revert the system to its settings before installing node.js
  3. Reboot the system and exit from the remote ssh session
  4. Kill all existing node processes
  5. Just exit the script


Select the entry with number 1 and a warning message about the deletion of all your data on the SDCard will appear.


Choose ‘yes’ (y) and the installation process will begin. Here are some screenshots from the different phases of the process……

06 07 08 09

………and at the end of the process you MUST reboot the Linino OS. In fact by doing so, the modifications generated by the script to the Linino environment will be properly and permanently set as system defaults. After rebooting and logging into the system through SSH connection, type from shell the following command :

$ which node

if it returns the string :

$ /opt/usr/bin/node

Congratulations ! You’re now ready to work with the node.js platform !

PAY ATTENTION : If you ever accidentally remove the SDCard from the board after node.js is installed and working, please re-insert it and reboot the system to restore the proper settings.


If you want to revert the changes you have made to the system by installing node.js and so return to the system status previous to the installation process, just select the entry number 2. The uninstalling process will begin…..

10 11 12

….and at the end of the process reboot your system to permanently apply the new changes. Please also note that your SDcard data will be erased again and the card itself will be vFat (FAT 32) formatted as if it was a brand new one.