IoTexpo2014 Day 2 – John Fallows and Kevin Brown

John Fallows Co-founder of Kaazing and Kevin Brown of Internet of Food project!

John Fallows Co-founder of Kaazing and Kevin Brown of Internet of Food project!

Internet of Things Expo and Conference 2014 – Day 2

#3 Session – Panel with John Fallows of Kaazing and Kevin Brown – IoFood


*Math yields truth – intelligence yields efficiency.


*IoT has a lot of unintended consequences, good – bad?


*IoT is the opportunity to solve problems, what problems do we still need to solve?  What industry is IoT going to absolutely revolutionize, what industries will be enhanced, what industries will be totally left behind?


*UPS for example could have IoT devices on all their trucks and then package that data and sell it to companies of interest.  UPS could offer real time data from all over the city and the devices could be talking machine to machine and that data could be “sold” but could help other companies and organizations.


*Food could be connected so much better with IoT devices and real time action!  Food goes bad, it has a shelf life, so the closer to real time we get, the better benefits.


*What if our handheld devices could tell us / verify for us that a product is organic?


*What if grocery stores had a way to announce when they were giving away food, or just about to do a dumpster run, and volunteers could be on alert to come to that grocery store and pick up those food items and take them to food shelters to be used that very night!  Of course, this could be done with a schedule, but if it happens irregularly, and stores throw food in dumpsters because they need it physically out of their store, they can’t “save” it or set it aside, this could be a good way to put the alert out there so people don’t have to dumpster dive, and better channels of charity could be established.