Linino between Paris and Hannover MakerFaire

linino MFparis

After the success met in San Mateo, Linino was finally launched in Europe at
the First Edition of the Maker Faire Paris, on June 21 and 22 held at
Centquatre-Paris. It will also be introduced to German Makers at the
MakerFaire on July 4 and 6 held in Hannover.
It’s a great summer for Linino: for the first time it has the opportunity to
show its full range of products to European Makers.

compositionThe first European experience has been very gratifying and the Maker Faire
Paris has been an exciting event for the thousands of Parisians who’ve been
there and visited dog hunter’s stand –  dog hunter is the first Linino sponsor –
and discovered Linino ONE and Arduino(TM) YUN.

Being face to face with the one who developed Arduino YUN is incredible!”

declared many of them, while many were aghast to find out a way to solve
their problems thanks to Linino ONE

“We are more than pleased to meet a market like Europe, at last.” says
Federico Musto, dog hunter’s CEO, “Here the Makers’ Movement is growing and
changing. From my point of view, in the Old Continent, during the current long
economic crisis, the DIY people gained awareness. Now these new electronics
craftsmen just need adequate and exciting tools and in the Linino universe they
will find not only a control technology, but also inspiration to give life to their
own ideas.”

Thrilled by this experience, dog hunter’s staff is preparing its participation in
Hannover’s MakersFaire. In Germany Linino, as a sponsor to the manifestation,
will have a much larger space to meet visitors and important opportunities to
give a broad framework of Linino.
Mr. Angelo Zaia, Linino Evangelist, is going to deeply explain what the potential
performances of Linino products are in two lectures entitled “Linino: from Hacker to Maker”.

Going beyond the mere description of Linino’s ecosystem, including open
hardware and open software enabling the interaction between cyber world (the
hacker’s space) and the physical world (the maker’s space), Mr Zaia will give
details on how to program sensors and actuators and integrate them into a
cloud- based holistic framework.