NYC Maker Faire: the backstage of the doghunter’s booth!


Just a few hours left before the 5th World Maker Faire New York opens its
gates. It’s time to work hard for dog hunter staff! They are setting up their
space (booth EP40, Electronic Tent) with Labs and Demos.

Special effects by Tenaya Hurst, our Linino Woman!
You can bet that the younger MF visitors will be fascinated by the little
glowing pets she made and programmed using Linino modules.. The first
one is a wire frame in the shape of a dachshund dog wrapped with a 5 meter
long RGB LED strip. We are sure that little makers will love it! Tenaya will
demonstrate how she programmed it and teach children how to do that on their own.

Sander Arts of Atmel, #Arduweenie, @LininoWoman - Tenaya!

Sander Arts of Atmel, #Arduweenie, @LininoWoman – Tenaya!

Benham’s disks and Mandala
At dog hunter’s booth Benham’s disks and Mandala are still spinning!
This has already happened in Hannover and MF NY visitors will also have the opportunity to
see and test a circuit capable of controlling the speed and direction of a motor, spinning colorful Mandalas and black&white Benham’s disks and to enjoy the
optical effects they produce. Children who wish to do so, can will be free to paint their personal Mandala
and let it spin!

mandala in fiera

Linino ONEs working on…!
What else, at dog hunter’s booth? Visitors will also observe…
• a Gopro2 photo-camera control connected to Linino ONE through Wifi
• a flex and tilt sensor connected to Linino ONE and managed with a Node.JS
application able to report on a HTML page its status …
• a very funny vocal controlling device, managed trough a smartphone and
Linino One.


So come and meet us!
The press will be welcome at anytime. During the whole period of the faire,
dog hunter’s team will be available to make individual or group presentations
and demonstrations.