Linino Dogleash

Linino Dogleash

The Linino Dogleash is a ARM CORTEX board based on the Freescale K20 (datasheet). The Frescale MCU supports CMSIS-DAP (“Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard – Debug Access Port”) that provides a standard access to the Coresight DAP of an ARM Cortex microcontroller via USB.
The Main feature of Linino Dogleash is to allow the proramming of microcontrollers belonging to the Freescale Kinetis family.




Microcontrollers supported



  • USB Mass Storage Device for drag and drop programming of the target chip.
  • USB Communications Device Class for Serial Communication with the target chip.
  • USB HID CMSIS-DAP for debugging.
  • USB bootloader for updating the interface firmware itself.

Linino Dogleash drawing

Linino Dogleash repository

The bootloader allows a firmware update of the interface chip. At startup it checks the state of a selected pin, default high by pull-up resistor (button reset on Dogleash):
  • If the pin is high: it simply relocates the vector table to point to the interrupt handlers of the CMSIS-DAP Interface Firmware and then it jumps to its start address.
  • If the pin is low: it enumerates as a mass storage device, waiting for a new firmware image to be flashed using In Application Programming (IAP); upgrade the software Interface (a different one for each board Kinetis). Keeping pushed the Dogleash’s reset button you will able to access in bootloader mode. Started the system in this mode (L3 slow blink) the system will view on Screenshot1
With the drag&drop method you can update the software interface and to programmed the microcontrollers of the Kinetis Frescale family, an example on Screenshot2
The CMSIS-DAP Interface is a microcontroller based on single chip solution that it provides: Drag and Drop programming, CMSIS-DAP debugger and USB serial interface to a range of Cortex-M based microcontrollers (Family Freescale Kinetis). Starting the Dogleash without to push the reset button, you can access in interface mode (L3 always on) and to programmed the microcontroller, on Screenshot 3 we can see how the Dogleash shows Screenshot3

For programming you need to use the drag&drop method, using a binary file (software) to run on the microcontroller, we can see on Screenshot4

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