September: the lights of Makers shine in New York! Exclusive interview with Mr Musto

September: the lights of Makers shine in New York

Exclusive interview with Mr Musto

It’s Maker Faire time again and Linino is ready! The New York City World Maker
Faire 2014 is almost opening its gates and we had the opportunity to talk a bit about
that with Mr Federico Musto, dog hunter’s CEO and President

The coming Maker Faire will be the 5th “World” edition and of course, Linino will
be present.

How could it be otherwise? More then 700 selected makers will expose their
prototypes, share their ideas, browse through each other’s curiosities. More than 60
accredited sponsors and 85.000 attendees are expected to attend. While the latest
information indicates that the number of Maker Faires (including Flagships, Featured
and Mini Faires) will be exceeding the number of 100 in 2014.

The First White House Maker Faire, held in June, was a sort of official recognition of
the Makers’ Movement as a social phenomenon and inspired many economic
analysts, who started looking into the question. Therefore during the summer we had
to read many reports (among which the interesting panel published by The Grommet)
about the Makers’ impact on consumer products, manufacturing, retail and global
economy. As Dale Dougherty said in the presence of Mr Obama, “Making is
bolstering personalized manufacturing, local workforce development,
entrepreneurship, and expanding opportunities for Americans to unleash innovations
that can lead to the industries and jobs of the future.”

But we must especially point out that many commentators confirmed what we knew,
namely that Making can be the unexpected novelty that markets need to start again.
The World is waiting for a surprising Technology, but maybe, we already have that:
what we need is a new point of view. A new mentality putting people in relationship
with technology in a different way. This has to deal with the philosophy of IoT, that
gives Technology back its function as a Tool and encourages people to be confident in
their ability to affect reality. “It changes our relationship with everything around us
by showing that we can help make the change we want to see in the world” also said
Dougherty at White House.

The weekend we are going to live at the New York Hall of Science will undoubtedly
be a unique opportunity.
Federico Musto, dog hunter’s CEO and President, is well aware of this: “We just
know that the World Maker Faire NYC is an extraordinary event.” he declared
“because the Big Apple is the nerve center of every contemporary cultural revolution
and the Maker Movement is setting the scene for a really great revolution. As a
matter of fact, we are witnessing the evolution of human creativity thanks to a
number of state-of-the-art tools provided by the modern technology. It is a challenge
for us providing control technology. But I am sure that the Linino project suitably
meets the needs of DIY world.”


“For example, NYC Maker Faire visitors will have the opportunity to see closely the
new LininoIO, a software framework able to integrate microcontroller features
inside the microprocessor environment. It gives to the Linino ONE the possibility to use MCU Functionality inside the Linux environment.
Lucky 01
Digital I:O 01Above all, in NY we are going to bring and introduce the Lucky Shield for ONE and
Digital IO Shield. ‘Cause we know how important it is for makers to get improved
tools, new features… wider opportunities to create!”