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IoT Evolution – Wearable Tech Con Las Vegas, NV

    @lininoOrg @ArduinoOrg @LininoWoman @IoTEvolution @WearableTechCon@CaesarsPalace @LasVegas @Qualcomm @attdeveloper @AllSeenAlliance IoT Evolution in Las Vegas, this year also combined with the force of Wearable Tech Con, both produced by TMC. It was a week packed full of discussions in IoT, security,..

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    Intelligent sensors with Linino

      Controlling a sensor and compensating in this manner a severe motor disability thanks to ArduinoTMYUN: the idea was developed by Davide Mulfari, a software engineer with the DIY and the embedded systems coding hobbies. The point of view is important...

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      Precious Experience for Linino at the MakerFaire Hannover

        The MakerFaire Hannover is over!  It was a great experience for Linino. Inventions, technological solutions, many good ideas, some picturesque “steampunk people” and above all… makers!“Relationships are the spice of life!” said the Linino Evangelist who in Hannover had the..

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