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Chandelier of RGB LEDs – High Tech – High Up

    The Tech Awards generously supports innovation globally to benefit humanity, and for the annual gala event, the attendees will be entertained by an RGB  Chandelier.  Event Architects and Rogue Lighting collaborated to program 3,200 modules in spectacular ways throughout the evening..

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    IoT Evolution – Wearable Tech Con Las Vegas, NV

      @lininoOrg @ArduinoOrg @LininoWoman @IoTEvolution @WearableTechCon@CaesarsPalace @LasVegas @Qualcomm @attdeveloper @AllSeenAlliance IoT Evolution in Las Vegas, this year also combined with the force of Wearable Tech Con, both produced by TMC. It was a week packed full of discussions in IoT, security,..

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      Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicles

        Sparkfun AVC 2015 What? Robot race competition with autonomous vehicles that know GPS of the course, soldering classes, maker talks, factory/office tour of Sparkfun HQ, battle bot…battles!, raffle, and epicness. When? All day Saturday, glorious hot day, no rain. Where?..

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        10th Annual Maker Faire San Mateo

          The 10th Annual Maker Faire is without compare, talent, skill, creativity, innovation, we hear these words all the time, yet seeing the manifestation, and the WOmanifestation of these makers is absolutely spectacular. Californians have a little advantage in all of..

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          Hacking is so San Francisco

            San Francisco Hackathon – hackster.io + Pacific Coast Highway + many more sponsors 🙂 Lots more good pictures of the hackers! https://www.flickr.com/photos/hacksterio/sets/ PCH was the gracious host of our weekend event. Third on the hackster.io hackathon tour, San Francisco promised to..

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            Teaching Hardware to Teens – Oakland, CA

              Working with high school kids in Oakland this week, really revived my passion for Arduino and making. To see a bunch of level headed kids dedicate 3 whole days to struggling and coding and soldering and circuits, it was really..

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              AllSeen Alliance Summit for AllJoyn – Part 1

                  Allseen Alliance Summit – first meeting ever between 170+ companies to decide – shape – and design the true internet of things future. We all converged at the fabulous Hyatt Santa Clara convention center with a beautiful few days..

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