Tutoring Daniel

Well I am fortunate enough to know Daniel.  He’s a 10 year old boy, born in the U.S. with a strong connection to his Chinese heritage.  He’s a piano player, straight A student, and knows Chinese, English, and some Spanish.

In addition to all of his talents…he’s a programmer and exceptionally good with microcontrollers.  We had a tutoring session the other night, and he dove right into trying the variation of code and adding libraries.  It was great because he works on a PC and I work on Mac, so we could teach and remind each other how to add libraries in the 2 slightly different ways.

Daniel was happy to meet the little dog or ONE module made by dog hunter, and Daniel already had an 830 tie breadboard.  So, of course he’s gentle and respectful and easily inserted the ONE directly onto the breadboard.  He even had his own micro-USB so we could work on it through the Arduino IDE, and next time we tutor, we’ll work on it wirelessly.

I’m impressed that Daniel has such confidence and speed with programming and if something isn’t working, he doesn’t wait a second!  He goes right back to the code and checking connections, he has such a spectacular engineering spirit!!